Take a peek inside.

Athlos works by powering the player experience as well as the things behind the scenes. This combines to deliver competitive features like no one else.

See how it works below 👇

Take a peek inside.

Athlos gives you access to an entire competitive ecosystem without having to build it in house.

See how it works below 👇


A white-label UI layer.

• Allow our UI layer to do the heavy lifting, removing the need for your dev team to make constant updates.

• Maintain full control over the look and feel with our powerful theming engine.

• Give your players an entirely seamless experience, with no visual difference between your game and Athlos' powerful features.

• No additional registration or login is required for players to take full advantage of Athlos. We're completely invisible.


A worry-free experience.

• Our out-of-the-box templates allow you to get all of the value without the headache of learning a new tool.

• Athlos automates even the most complex events, allowing you to take full advantage of a 24/7 competitive ecosystem without needing to worry 24/7.

• Stats and insights to help you understand your players to give them exactly what they want.


A simple, 3-step integration process.

The Athlos Setup Utility makes the integration with Athlos a breeze, walking your engineers step-by-step through the integration process.

A typical integration will follow these three steps:

Step 1

Authenticate a user behind the scenes with a JWT.

Step 2

Listen for a webhook to create a game lobby.

Step 3

Send us game results through our RESTful API.

Sound simple enough?

A proof-of-concept can be integrated in as little as 37 minutes, but we'd love to see if you can do it faster.


We know, this sounds too good to be true.

Get in touch so we can prove it to you.