Meet the team.

A few of the 20+ people that balance the future of competitive gaming with squashing bugs.



David Halley


25 years in banking and finance.

Founded numerous start ups focussing on asset management, including a crypto related insurance broker.


Mike Stevens


A life-long competitive gamer and esports entrepreneur, Mike started working in esports at 15.

Co-founded CEVO in 2005, became CEVO's first full time employee in 2010, and led engineering until acquisition in 2017.


Vida Mylson

Sales & Marketing

20+ years in sales & go-to-market experience, the last 15 of which were in the gaming and competitive gaming space.

Grew sales from $0 to $30m in less than 3 years at Appsavvy.


Eric Ping


20 years ensuring customer success. 18+ years in esports and competitive gaming.

Co-founded and served as President of CEVO, leading business functions and facilitating acquisition in 2017.



Todd Sitrin

Video game veteran with more than 30 years of global leadership experience in media & video games.

Led critical strategic growth initiatives at Electronic Arts for 20 years, including as CMO and most recently as the SVP & GM of EA's Competitive Gaming Entertainment business.


Neville Upton

Founded The Listening Company, grew to over 4,000 employees and sold for over £60 million in 2011.

Founded Gfinity in 2012

Chairman of Gfinity & Athlos.

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