We power competition.

A fully integrated suite of competitive functionality delivered out of the box and into your game.

Events & Programs

The heart of what we do. From weekend leaderboards to global esports tournaments, we can power it all.

All competition formats.

Single & Double Elimination Brackets, Round Robin, Leaderboards, Battle Royale, GSL, Swiss & Ladder.

Fully Customisable

From weekend cups to global esports programs. We have you covered.

Analytics & Insight

Drive greater insight into your player behaviour through competitive play.

Recurring Events

Events that run and re-run even when you're sleeping.

Automated Match Reporting

An integration with Athlos means your players never have to lift a finger -- Athlos handles the admin while your players focus on playing.

Social Competition

Connecting players & growing your community.

Teams & Clubs

Create a social hub for players, allowing them to form strong relationships in your game, giving them more reasons to keep coming back.


Allow players to chat amongst their club, team, and opponents.


Club duels and challenges allow members to battle it out in a pre-scheduled or just-in-time match to hone their skills.

Embedded Streams

Put your star players & influencers front-and-center with embeddable streams directly in your game.


Give your players the ability to find the perfect people to play with. Find by similar schedule, skill, and/or goals.

Club Leaderboards

Showcase and reward the best members of clubs with leaderboards and events to keep them coming back for more.

Payments & Wallets

Drive revenue by enabling pay to play events with paid entry & real money prizing. We offer seamless payments integration out of the box.

Pay-to-Play Events

Set entry fees for any of your events & track sales as you go.

Real-money gaming

Show me the money! Reward your winners with real cash.

Virtual Currencies

Add depth to your in-game economy by integrating your virtual currencies directly into Athlos.

The Athlos Way

We commit ourselves to being an invisible partner and we understand the importance of you keeping control of your players' experience.

Data Ownership

Athlos creates data silos for each game, allowing you to control all aspects of your data within Athlos.

Seamless Player experience

Your players will never know they're using Athlos as we allow you to control the entire look and feel of the Athlos in-game experience.

Frictionless Integration

SDKs, libraries, a simple integration process, and our technical success team all work together to make integration a breeze.

Globally scalable across language & platform.

Powerful localisation tools and compatibility with all major gaming platforms means we can scale with you.

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Flexible & performance based pricing.

Athlos' pricing plan aligns with your goals & grows with you.

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