Tournaments drive engagement & retention.

Organised competitions can complement core game mechanics by introducing fresh engagement hooks and evergreen content to keep your players playing.

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Drive retention with evergreen game content.

Establishing a competitive scene with recurring tournaments for your community is a great way to introduce fresh content that can be scheduled to help you drive key retention figures across different time horizons.


A source of fresh engagement hooks.

Running tournaments in your game provides excellent opportunities to complement your core game loops with additional engagement hooks to bring your players back into the game.

A natural evolution for your core PvP mechanics .

For PvP oriented games you can evolve your core competitive mechanisms by introducing layers of organised competition from friendly tournaments for your grassroots community, to global esports programs for your pros.


Diversify your monetisation strategy.

Athlos can also power pay-to-play tournaments, wallets, & real money prizing so you can use organised competition to unlock a new monetisation channel.

Use Athlos because running great tournaments is hard.

Here are some of the key questions to ask when getting started

Athlos has condensed 30+ years of esports & gaming industry experience into our tournament system so you can seamless run organised competitions without the need for deep expertise.

Enrich your player data with competitive play.

By running tournaments for your community with Athlos, you'll drive deeper insights into your player segmentation. Using our player intelligence features, we can in turn help you build more compelling game mechanics.