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Scalable tournaments, with low lift

Athlos powers the tournament experience in your game and the tournaments themselves. This means you can unlock this functionality without a big development effort or the logistical know-how of running great tournaments.

An out of the box tournament feature for your game

We power everything necessary to quickly run scalable tournaments in your game with a very minimal development lift. We have a simple 3 step integration which will allow you access to all the functionality shown below.

Core Tournament Engine

The heart of what we do. From weekend leaderboards to global esports tournaments,
we can power it all.

All tournament formats.

Single & Double Elimination Brackets, Round Robin, Leaderboards, Battle Royale, GSL, Swiss & Ladder.

Automated match reporting

An integration with Athlos means your players never have to lift a finger -- Athlos handles the admin while your players focus on playing.


Our tournaments can flex and scale depending on how many players want to participate. You don’t need to know ahead of time, our system will handle it.

Recurring events

Out of the box events & programs that you can schedule to run on a cadence of your choosing: from daily to seasonally and everything in between.

& More Features

A complimentary set of features also accessible out of the box to ensure you get the most out of our core tournament engine.

Social Competition

We can power Teams & Clubs, Chat, Duels/Challenge functionality, embedded streams, and more.

Analytics & Insight

Tools to help give you player insights to enrich your segmentation data.

Payments & Wallets

Drive revenue by enabling pay to play events with paid entry & real money prizing.


Globally scalable across language & platform.

Powerful localisation tools and compatibility with all major gaming platforms means we can scale with you.

How it works

Our in-game product has three surfaces, read how they work below:

A white label UI layer.

To power the tournament experience in-game, Athlos maintains a customisable set of UIs that you can embed into your game via a WebView.

• Allow our system to do the heavy lifting, removing the need for your dev team to make constant updates.

• Maintain full control over the look and feel with our powerful theming engine.

• Give your players an entirely seamless experience, with no visual difference between your game and Athlos' powerful features.

• No additional registration or login is required for players to take full advantage of Athlos. We're completely invisible.


A simple admin experience

You don't have to be an expert in running tournaments to maximise results with Athlos.

• Our out-of-the-box templates allow you to get all of the value without the headache of learning a new tool.

• Athlos automates even the most complex events, allowing you to take full advantage of a 24/7 competitive ecosystem without needing to worry 24/7.

• Stats and insights to help you understand your players to give them exactly what they want.


A simple, 3-step integration

To run your first tournament in your game all you need to do is follow our simple 3 step integration process via our setup utility.

Step 1: Authenticate a user with a JWT.

Step 2: Listen for a webhook to create a game lobby.

Step 3: Send us the game results through our RESTfulAPI.

That's all we need to run a simple tournament. But there is so much more you can achieve with an integration with Athlos.


Ready to get started?

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